genital aesthetic

Genital aesthetic applications include penis enlargement in women, vaginal aesthetics or vaginoplasty and labioplasties in women.

I-Vaginoplasty (vaginal aesthetics)

With traumatic births, multiple births and aging, the vaginal muscles relax, lose their tightness and the resulting weaknesses lead to vaginal sagging. On the other hand, the vagina and the inlet become wider. In vaginal prolapses, a feeling of weight in the vagina, disturbance during intercourse, difficulty in bowel movements and urinary control may cause difficulties. When the urinary tract hangs, coughing, sneezing and changes of position, urinary incontinence occurs. In the treatment, the urethra (urethra) should be hung at the normal position.

If the muscle weakness in the vaginal entrance is associated with these problems, the feeling of the relationship is reduced and a very loose vaginal sensation occurs.

As a result of the aging process, the pubic area at the top of the genital area begins to sag down. In addition, weight gain result in excess fat in this area. These changes do not give the appearance of a young woman from the front and side. In order to provide a more dynamic appearance of this area, the pubis region is applied to the liposuction and, if necessary, pubis stretching. If the person has sagging of the abdomen, this process can be done together to create a more aesthetic appearance. This sagging is accompanied by clitoris and vagina. As the clitoris and vagina are pulled up further during this stretching process, the result will be quite beneficial for the pleasure. Because the outer part of the vagina, the outer opening of the vagina, the clitorial area and the perineal area are the main areas of sexual pleasure.

II-Labia minor aesthetics (labioplasty)

Labioplasti called labia minor in the procedure called small genital lips to reduce the size of the reduction or reshaping. Asymmetry can be made symmetrically.

1.The lips are excessively large

  1. Causes irritation (irritation-related discomfort)
    3.When discomfort when wearing a tight garment
    4.If frequent frequent fungal infection
    5.It is possible to consider this operation if symmetry.
  2. On the other hand, if small lips are too small to be noticeable, they can be enlarged by fat injection. In addition, if it has lost its gravity despite its normal limits, it can also be improved by oil injection.

Surgery is performed under general anesthesia or local anesthesia.

The trace is unlikely to remain because it is in the settlement that will not be visible. There may be mild swelling and bruising after the operation. There is little risk of infection. Nevertheless protective antibiotics will be given. There will be no need to take stitches since the melted stitches will be placed. 3 weeks after this procedure should not be entered. Washing of the area twice a day is important for infection and cleansing.

Gender Change

When necessary psychological and physical examinations are required, a new vaginal canal is created when the necessity of gender reassignment (urethral opening and under the prostate gland and in front of the rectum) is established. This channel is placed by inverting the penis skin. Here, the vaginal depth is proportional to the length of the penis. If the skin is smaller than the skin taken from the scrotum, an extra 2 cm depth is obtained. The end of the penis is made clitoris with the nerves and veins. It is similar to the clitoris in terms of both functional and appearance.

Operation is performed under general anesthesia. Three days in hospital is enough. This type of operation has completed the age of 18 years of age, the psychiatric report should be proved to be suitable for this process.

The patient should be healthy, and hormone therapy should be discontinued 14 days before surgery.

She can have it after 6 weeks. It is appropriate to use creams during the relationship. During the intercourse, the urethra (urinary tract outlet) can swell, because it is an erectile amount of tissue.

Penis enlargement

Penis length is considered parallel to its function in some of the men and they become anxiety when they are not in the desired size. Men may worry about their penis length. In most studies, penis length was reported to be 7.5-10.5 cm, and 12-18 cm (mean 13 cm) when stimulated. When it is less than 10 cm, micropenis is mentioned.

In overweight people, the pubis area is oily, so the penis remains hidden in this area, and although it is of normal size, it can give a micropenis appearance. It is not correct to think that penis enlargement will stimulate the partner more unless the penis is micropenis. In women, the orgasm does not depend on the deep penetration or the large penis.

Depending on the technique applied, the penis can be enlarged by an average of 2-3 cm. It is noticeable when growth is not more active. These operations will not provide much growth in the stimulated state. The operation lasts an average of 2 hours. A week later it can be returned to work but the relationship can be started after 4 weeks.

Strap to connect to the body of the body by entering the appropriate incision of the pubis region is the main structure (hush