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Breast aesthetics
The breast has a great importance for the psychological well-being and self-esteem of women as female sexual characteristic. Shape variations as a too large or very small chest can disrupt the spiritual balance severe. Similarly, it is with a drooping breast or a breast asymmetry.
The reduction and tightening of the breast are very similar surgical techniques, which all have in common is that the nipple is put up and out of the lower quadrant of the breasts. It may be necessary to further glandular tissue to anchor the top of the chest muscle in addition to remove exces tissue and fat. Modern surgical methods aim to keep the scars as short as possible, but are not applicable with any breast form. Operation lasts about 3-4 hours and one night stay in hospital is enough. After the operation is approx. 6 weeks to wear a supportive bra.
When breast augmentation, a breast implant is inserted either under the mammary gland or under the chest muscle. Access is from a cut under the breast, in the armpit or around the nipple. Breast implants have a silicone shell as the outer layer and are available with different filling materials. Reduction in size is strictly related with body structure and patients desires.
For the correction of a combined breast asymmetries of the techniques described above is applied according to the shape variation. Breast surgeries are usually performed under general anesthesia.

Eyelid surgery
Age changes in the eyelids that appear as eye bags, excess skin on the upper eyelids and decrease the lateral eyebrow game. All of these changes give the face a tired look. By surgery, excess skin and fatty tissue annoying, it shows as a bulge on the lower eyelid or the corner of your eye, be removed. Sometimes it is necessary to combine the operation with an increase in the lateral brow game.
The skin incisions follow the natural folds of the upper and lower lids and are laterally placed in an existing skin crease. These operations det lids are performed under local anesthesia. After surgery, the swelling of the tissue may be reduced by the laying and compression. It is advisable to avoid after surgery bright light and wear sunglasses in the first few days.

If the skin and muscles go limp the forehead, temples, cheeks and neck, gives the impression that would be too much skin on the face. Face lift removes excess skin in the right places and tightens the tissue beneath the skin – the skin “fit” again.
The following options of the facelift are:
Tightening the forehead with raising the eyebrows and smoothing the “frown lines”
Temporal lift, which tightens the eye area
Raising the cheeks with tightening of the throat
Tightening of the neck, involving removal of chin fat.
Sometimes the procedure can be performed endoscopically. With this method, a tightening of the forehead and raising the eyebrows can be performed, resulting from the minimal scars in the scalp.
The operation can be performed under local anesthesia with sedation or so-called course under general anesthesia. Usually a short hospital stay is useful, but also outpatient or day hospital interventions are possible.
Up to 10 – 14 Day the sutures removed. Depending on the surgical procedure, the discoloration and swelling disappear at different rates. Usually, a large part is healed after two weeks. It is: The more complex the operation, the longer the complete healing, but the longer it holds the result. The full success of the procedure is often only 3 to 6 months thereafter visible.
About possible complications that can occur specifically with this method of plastic surgery, inform your doctor in person. He also goes into detail on your individual requirements for the success of the operation.

The nose determined as the central organ of the face very much the harmony of appearance. Significant changes in nose shape can therefore help to a completely different face expression while minor corrections do not change the type.
A detailed discussion of the wishes of the patient is therefore a prerequisite for a successful operation.
Rhinoplasty can not only purely cosmetic, but also functional reasons, such as when the nasal breathing is obstructed by a curvature of the septum. The most common cause annoying nasal hump operation request, the nose, however, can also be shortened, narrowed, straightened or the tip of the nose can be changed.
In the closed surgical technique, the incisions are placed just inside the nose, with the open surgical technique, which is chosen especially for more complex shape changes, an additional incision is made in the area of the nose bridge. About both approaches is the nasal skeleton, so the bones and cartilage, altered to achieve the desired shape, the soft parts of the nose then lie to the changed nasal skeleton.
For fixation of bony changes, a plaster must be usually worn for about two weeks. Regularly be found after surgery swelling for a few days to weeks. The procedure can be performed under local anesthesia or – are performed under general anesthesia – more comfortable for the patient.
One night hospital stay and 7 days stay in istanbul is enough for rhinoplasty.

Chin shaping or genioplasty
Together with the forehead and the nose, determined chin balance the facial proportions. Too much or too little strong jaw can disturb the aesthetic balance, especially in the profile view.
In an underdevelopment of the chin (receding chin) can be either a bone displacement performed on the lower jaw bone or a chin implant (or fat tissue) can be inserted. The surgical approach is either in the mouth or below the chin. For an oversized chin just a bony correction comes into question.
With chin corrections must be taken if there is not also a malocclusion. The operation can be performed under local or general anesthesia.

Ear Aesthetic Surgery
Protruding ears are the most common form of ear abnormality. Children in particular suffer because they are often exposed to the ridicule of their comrades. The change in shape of the ears is caused by a defective trained curvature of the ear cartilage.
With surgical correction of the skin incision is made behind the ear and from there made the formation of cartilage. For the duration of wearing a head wound healing dressing is necessary.
The operation can be performed at any age, should preferably be chosen an age at which the correction under local anesthesia is possible about 6-7 years old. There are other, less common form variants on the ear, such as a “shell ear,” which can also be corrected.

Hair Transplant
A baldness can be hereditary or acquired in the course of life.
In hair transplantation Single hair and small clumps of hair that are taken from a full head of hair place, to be planted on a bald spot. Depending on the size of bald are 3 – 5 sessions necessary. Smaller bald spots can be corrected by local flaps, tissue through a shift.
The hair growth after a hair transplant begins after about three months, after previously failed all transplanted hair. By a hair transplant, hair growth can not be achieved in the natural density of hairs. By pre-stretching hairy interests in mind, it is also possible to remove bald spots.
We used FUE technique for hair transplantation. Hair roots is taken by micromotor system one by one after that hair follicules are inserted into the bald area.
Price ranges: 1 (one) euro per graft. Grafts carry 1,2 or 3 hair follicles. Average graft counts is per session 2500-3000.

Liposuction, body contouring
Liposuction are among the world and of course in Istanbul the most common aesthetic surgical procedures. One of the main reasons for the popularity of this procedure is that, with very short, barely visible scar a very strong change in body shape can be achieved.
The main indication for liposuction are bulky fat deposits, which can be distributed over the entire body. The most commonly affected in women’s thighs – hip region (so-called Reithosenlipomatose), the buttocks, the knees and the abdomen, rarely are the lower legs, upper arms, or face – neck. In men, the unwanted fat approach is usually in the range of the abdomen, the flanks and chest.
As part of the operation that can be performed depending on the number and extent of the regions under local anesthesia, regional anesthesia or general anesthesia. The fat is first prepared by injecting a vasoconstrictor liquid for extraction. Then the fat is aspirated with thin cannulas. After surgery, wearing a compression garment for 6 weeks is required.
By a superficial liposuction can sometimes lead to a significant shrinkage of the skin, including existing skin wrinkles can disappear in this way again. However, a large excess skin is present, the relaxed tissue must be removed. Depending on the region, then it is called abdominoplasty, thigh lift, buttock lift, upper arm lift, etc. In these operations occur much longer scar, which, however, of course – are placed in inconspicuous areas of the body or existing wrinkles – if possible.
Wrinkle Treatments
The correction of skin wrinkles may be accomplished by peeling, wrinkle filling, so-called fat injection and laser treatment.
With the exfoliating age spots and pigmentation are lightened. The strongest effect is achieved by the phenol peel that affects the metabolism of the skin pigment. A milder form of exfoliation is given by the use of trichloro-acetic acid. Depending on the concentration of these substances will result in an effect on the upper or lower layers of the skin, which is associated with a peeling of the skin.
The gentlest way of peeling the fruit acid peel that can be performed from a few weeks several times in the distance. Furthermore, a wrinkle treatment by filling the wrinkles or under-injection using autologous tissue or foreign materials such as collagen or hyaluronic acid can be achieved.
There are products whose effect decreases over time, and those whose effect is permanent.
A laser can also be achieved wrinkles. Similar effect can be achieved by abrading the skin’s top layers.

Mustafa Tercan, M.D., Prof.
Mustafa Tercan, born 1966, was graduated from Ankara University Faculty of medicine in 1989.
He graduated as a plastic surgery specialist in 1996. He worked as lecturer and chief of the plastic surgery department in university hospitals and state hospitals in Istanbul. He is currently working as a lecturer and private practice.
Dr. Tercan has published a book, estetik cerrahinin sırları (secret of aesthetic surgery in 2004), and lots of scientific articles.
Dr. Tercan is also a consultant plastic surgeon in Dubai and Baku.