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The first breast augmentation operations started in 1900s. However, paraffin was used in these years and these paraffins were not accepted by the body. Ivalon sponges were used in the 1950s, but after a while, excessive hardening was detected.

Breast augmentation using silicone began in the 1960s. After the 1960s, breast implants developed and modern implants used today were reached. Until the 1960s, all implants were placed under the breast tissue, but after this period silicons was placed under chest muscle. In breast augmentation, the silicon implant can be placed under the mammary gland or under the breast muscle. In both cases, it has its advantages and disadvantages. However, it is generally preferred to place it under the muscle. 

In aesthetic surgery, breast augmentation with silicone is performed with different techniques. Dual plane breast augmentation method is an application that can be performed as the silicone is partially under the breast muscle and partly under the breast gland.

Breast Lift: The method called mastopexy is the suspension or lifting of the sagging breasts. The lifting the breasts with as little scar as possible. Many techniques have been described since the 1920s, although they date back to ancient times. In 1981, the nipple was tried to be hung with the Marlex method, and in the 1990s, the dark colored part around the nipple was reduced like a purse string. In the 1970s, a surgical method called vertical scar was developed, which caused only “I shape” scars.

Breast reduction: When breasts are above normal dimensions, they have negative effects both in cosmetic and health aspects.

In breast reduction surgery, which has a history of more than 100 years, 1921 Thorek first transferred the nipple after breast reduction. Breasts are genetically determined to be large, but pregnancy and weight gain in cases of breast growth. It is sometimes seen in adolescence, also called viginal hypertrophy. As a result of changing in body posture, headache, back pain, neck and shoulder pain may occur. Depending on the use of a bra, skin damage to the shoulders and compression of the skin can be seen. Fungal or other infections may develop especially in the lower breasts. In addition, one’s activities such as sports are restricted and may cause social problems. There are also problems in the use of clothing.

Many methods have been described for breast reduction. In very large breasts, a reverse T-shaped reduction can be performed, whereas in small and medium-sized large breasts, only the I-shaped scar remains.

Nowadays, the method which leaves an inverse T-shaped traces tends to be abandoned because it causes more traces.

Normally, the distance between the nipple and the upper notch of the breast sizebreastbone is 19-21 cm. The distance between the nipple and the bottom of the nipple is 5-9 cm. When there is growth in the breasts, these distances increase.

Breast lift and reduction operation is higly reliable operation in experienced hands. Breast lift and augmentation with silicon can be performed at the same time. Fat injections can be used as a filler for upper part of breast to obtain fullness. 





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