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Abdominal aesthetics can be divided into two main groups: tummy tuck and abdominal fat removal.
I-Mini Tummy Tuck
II-Removal of excess fat and skin
III-Full tummy tuck
IV-Getting abdominal fats

Abdominal tightening operations;

I-Mini Tummy Tuck (Mini-Abdominoplasty, Modified Abdominoplasty)

This process consists of removing fat and skin without changing the core. The trace is shorter and smaller. If the birth is adhered to by a caesarean, the operation scar will be limited. If necessary, abdominal muscles are also increased. Mini abdominoplasty can be considered as a procedure between the classic and endoscopic. It will be useful to use a corset or abdominal bandage for 3-4 weeks after the application.


Dermolipectomy is the removal of excess skin and fat. Here, muscle tightening is not done. The location of the surgical scars, the removal of the fat and skin is the same as the abdominoplasty.


III-Abdominal Tightening (Full) / abdominoplasty

The removal of fat tissue from the abdomen goes back to the 19th century. The foundations of the current abdominal stretching operation were taken by Vernon and Pitanguy in the 1957s. Pitanguy achieved great results by making great technical advances in the 1967s. In 1975, Regnault described the removal of skin and fat from the incision with W shaped incisions.

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